Configuring for HP Public Cloud

Due to changes in both the HPCloud Service and Juju, the current boilerplate configuration generated by running juju generate-config contains some unnecessary items, and some omissions. For the moment, it is easier to use the parameters in the stanza shown below. Replace the angled brackets, and their placeholder values, with real values.

    use-floating-ip: true
    type: openstack
    tenant-name: <your HPCloud project name>
    auth-mode: keypair
    access-key: <your access key>
    secret-key: <your secret key>
    auth-url: <The identity server for your project, e.g.>
    region: <Your activated region>

The parameters are explained below. You will find most of the relevant information is accessible by logging in to the HP Cloud Console. Navigate to the user account dropdown in the top-right of the UI to access the key management screen. From there you can create and view access-key and secret-key.

  • tenant-name: For HP Public Cloud, this is listed as the project name on various pages of the HP Cloud console. On the main landing page it is displayed in the area highlighted below. image showing project name
  • access-key: You need to generate this key from the account dropdown.
  • secret-key: You need to generate this key for the specific access key you've generated in the account dropdown.
  • auth-url:This is the Keystone url for authentication. It is given in the Project > Access and Security page, under the API access tab image showing service endpoints
  • region: You can use any regions provided you have activated the relevant services in the console. HP Public Cloud currently has two regions, one in US West, and one in US East:
    • region-a.geo-1
    • region-b.geo-1

Note: HP makes frequent updates and enhancements to their cloud service, and the user console. If the current version does not match the images and instructions here, you may at least be able to find the relevant information somewhere in the console. Please do file a bug report so we can update this page!