Juju Quickstart

The quickstart utility was used with earlier versions (1.x) of Juju. It was designed to help users quickly deploy charms and bundles with those versions of Juju and allowed editing and management of various different Juju clouds.

The functionality provided by juju quickstart is not supported or required in the current version of Juju. Most of this functionality (native support for bundles, interactive setup for clouds) is now included in Juju itself. If you encounter any charm documentation, blog posts or other online sources that specify the use of quickstart it is likely they refer to a bundle. Bundles can now be deployed directly by Juju in the same ways as charms. See the current documentation on "Using and Creating Bundles" for more details.

Note: The juju-quickstart package still exists in the archive for 14.04 (trusty). This is to support users of 1.25.x.