Using the localhost cloud offline

This is in connection with the Working offline page. See that resource for background information.

Here we present a popular offline use case. Running Juju with the localhost cloud in a network-restricted environment.

Begin by defining the HTTP and HTTPS proxies. In this example they happen to be the same:


Now we employ a slightly ingenious method to define the 'no proxy' settings in order to prevent some destinations from using the proxies (see No proxy and the localhost cloud for clarity):

PROXY_NO=$(echo localhost 10.44.139.{1..255} | sed 's/ /,/g')

Besides those related to the local system, you will need to change these values according to your specific setup.

Configure the client to use these three setting:

export http_proxy=$PROXY_HTTP
export https_proxy=$PROXY_HTTP
export no_proxy=$PROXY_NO

Finally, apply these settings to all Juju models during the controller-creation process:

juju bootstrap \
--model-default http-proxy=$PROXY_HTTP \
--model-default https-proxy=$PROXY_HTTPS \
--model-default no-proxy=$PROXY_NO \
localhost lxd